General Submission Guidelines

All potential submissions should be written after familiarizing yourself with the tone and content of our site. We prefer pop culture/news commentary, interviews, and reviews over purely personal essays. We would love to interview you if you would rather give a first person story!

We consider submissions from individuals who are either adult workers or continuous patrons;

You are encouraged to write under a name other than the same one you use(d) for work though if your piece is published, you will be given full control over the identity to which it’s attached. Occasionally we run items that have already appeared on personal blogs, but our strong preference is for unreleased content. You retain full rights.

We prefer articles run anywhere from 500-2000 words. While the ideal threshold is for about 800-1300 for a substantial opinion piece is a good goal, and images to use in the post (whether your own, or from another source, with credit) are always appreciated. Contact us here with questions, or to express interest in working behind the scenes as an editor.

What We Don’t Want

Any repetitive articles about