Protecting yourself Online – Camgirls safety tips!


 Vital Defence for Privacy for Camgirls.


These are some tools to implement before your start camming, regardless if you do just skype shows, clips or phone only  you are bound to some people trying to figure out your identity and location.

As an online adult worker you should regularly scan your computer For webcam malware.

Hackers are extremely good at circumventing traditional security measures like antivirus software and typically spotting webcam-focused malware is not something these pieces of software do that well.


If you are using a stand-alone webcam, either in conjunction with your computer or as a security camera or baby monitor, then you need to make sure you have changed the default settings which were configured by the manufacturer.


One thing to remember is to treat everything you do on the web as that it can never be removed and can be seen everywhere if searched enough. If you are doing this part time or just a job and not a long time career think about if you would be affected if it were outed you did online porn – even if your non nude, domme etc it is still adult only work. So having a career in a child care or education field is out the window.  While there are precautions to maintain your privacy, there is always the risk of friends, family, and acquaintances finding you.


Skype has a world of identifiers so you must take measures to protect you location and of course have a separate skype for work and for personal use.

If your Skype name is publicly searchable, chances are you will receive contact request from someone you don’t know.

Skype Scam is mainly through Chat bots. Instead of chatting with a real person you are chatting with a chat bot.

The only purpose of chat bots is to trick people into signing up and submitting their credit card details insecurely. Money is wiped out from the card at the speed of light.  

If you have become the victim of a credit card scam, it is recommended that you contact your credit card Company or bank immediately. Request to block your card immediately ask for steps you need to undertake to regain access to it.


Camfecting is an act practice of hacking webcams. With webcam upgrades, dangers posed Camfecting are becoming increasingly risky.It is noted attacks on webcams have been carried out by hackers.

The problem is that these tiny cameras integrated into our laptop and desktop computers could also offers hackers a valuable insight into your world, letting them monitor your every action and capture highly sensitive images and video from your life.

Webcam malware are designed to target webcams and make way for Hackers to secretly watch their victims.  Blackshades  is a remote access trojan (RAT) Which is distributed when unsuspecting visit infected websites, opening malicious email attachments or by plugging USB drives into their Machines.

Malware had infected over half a million PCs in over 100 countries around the world


First rather you a webcam model or life coach working on the internet especially when interacting with people you should have a VPN – the expense is little and thwarts hackers and obsessive fans from finding your location and more. You can start with a free  VPN on google chrome add ons like “Anonymox” that you can use freely.

Keep in mind is is very common for members to use a proxy or VPN to access cam sites, so Geoblocking is only mildly effective and does not guarantee someone from your area being able to watch you. 


Be vigilant about your Privacy for Wishlists in online stores and mailing out physical goods. Never use your actual mailing address on any wishlist you might create, even if the site claims to keep your address private. There are ways (delivery tracking and 3rd party sellers) that members can and will see your mailing address. Get a PO box or UPS box set up in your stage name in another city  or zip code for any deliveries you may receive to keep privacy of your home address. *Separate your online persona from your real life details.


Never use any photos for your cam site profile that you have shared on Other Social media sites as they can be reverse image searched and traced back to your real-life profiles. Set default photo/avatar as something less identifying on your Social media.


Most popular cam sites offer the model the ability to block specific states or regions to protect the model’s privacy. Geoblocking typically relies on the member or guest’s IP address


Safety – There are also steps you need to take to avoid giving your identifying information to your followers and members. Stalking and harassment is a real thing.


live cam shows, videos and tube sites

Unfortunately,what you do in your chat rooms, private one on ones or even skype shows can and usually will end up on a free tube site. It does not have to be explicit as a lot of times people have bots that record all models that are streaming in free chat. Some patrons will record unknowingly of course your private shows as well. Some sites are easier than other to get your content removed contacting and submitting a DMCA is always the first steps.

Cam sites rights to your footage

In almost every model agreement before you are allowed to perform stating that any video streamed to the site by the model will become property of the cam site itself. This means that legally, anything you do or say in your chat room is their property and they may use it in whatever way they wish to for advertising purposes.

This means that a private session between just one model and a paying member may be used in advertising purposes in those XXX pop-ups, “singles in your area” banners, or they may use your recorded free chat video or picture along with a chatbot to make it seem as if you personally are talking to guys in order to direct them to the website.


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