Expand your reach with Clips Sites

Rather your are a pro domme who does real time sessions, some one who focuses on cam and kik sessions or maybe just having guys submit via phone. If you have ever thought of  massaing more subs and to add on passive income, opening a clip store is a great option. It will take some work to really get the great benefits you seek but if you have an apt for filiming, editing and creative ideas you will enjoy it. The best thing is  when you do not feel like being bothered send links for subs to buy!!!!

I personally use three main clips sites with my preffered be I Want Clips 

Here are the top Reasons why I prefer them.

I didnt start off on iwc, I started using clips4sale first and even with my crappy webcam, not focusing much on sets to film, basic as lighting I got sales and repeat buyers. Clips4sale is very known and has heavy fetish and femdom traffic. I have two stores (which I barely updated but still get sales). I will talk a bit more on the best to do’s to really take off on C4S. They are also doing a major update. Yes C4S looks like one of the first sites on the net currently but dont judge a book by its cover.

Manyvids is another clip site I utilize, now they are innovative I actually enjoy the site design however there are quite a few more “politics” with this company that does not make me love it. I used to promote it alot more but feel as though my energy should go into a site that has all my checkmarks.

I will be expanding on each site and some tips will be on the members femdom resources only section and or separate for purchase more on that later.


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