What the Fart Fetish !??! – Eproctophilia

Ha Ha! My cheeky humor… but seriously when I first started partaking in fetishes and kink play. It was primarily bratty domme, findomme, domestic servants, and corporal punishments. I knew their were tons of of other fetishes, I knew it wasn’t like mainstream conveyed all black all the time, with whips and chains, foot and stocking/panty fetishes mainly showed.

However, I would have never thought I would get paid, turn someone on just by them hearing something I do daily and was actually raised ( my sweet classy Nanna) to go to the bathroom or another room to pass gas. I could make a killing farting but they are unpredictable and I’m usually not set up to film when they decided to erupt. It’s a bit of hassle and farting content is highly pirated as well. But the few farting videos I do have ( and the compile I will start next year well get your wallets smelly gas lovers).

I put fart fetish under the Peculiar Arousals. I pass no judgment as always but these are one of those fetishes that most vanilla people will think you are making it up. Because their are many people who are eproctophilias someone who gets aroused from their partner’s or other’s flatulence. From the sound to the smell and if allowed to be right at the ass to fell it come out. Some of fart lovers highly enjoy cake farts and some don’t just like all fetishes you may not enjoy everything associated with that fetish.

For some this is the mild fetish in bathroom / toilet play arena as others like one of top “taboo” fetish coprophilia, aka scat.

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