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Well Hello There! I wonder what lead you to the cool and kinky part of the internet :).

Last year about this time I decided to start up a resource , information and all around space for online adult workers. Of course their are many already but I had some of my input to give my own vision. I  have how many projects I’m working on at any given moment also was transitioning to full independent online Domme and Sensual Extraordinaire. I did not have the time, did not put in the effort to really get it off the ground. I started other projects in line with Femdom my main career focus. So, one day it just clicked why don’t I have a site showcasing BDSM, Femdom , Findom , Fetish, and everything else under the Kink tree.


I started my youtube channel to foster a safe place for kink chat, education , information etc. The feedback was excellent so no more procrastinating on the site.

This is site is more dedicated to professional Femdommes and subs who pay for their kink as well as lifestylers. Because most professional dommes and subs are lifestylers. So rather you want to start your career in femdom, what more information on a particular fetish, or want to figure out how to approach a domme or how to talk about to your partner I will be adding a tremendous amount of information and looking forward to getting some contributorts as well..


Want to know more about your Empress I have tons of information about me at my main site AllHailKatana

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